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We can cut and supply any material in any quantity!

Waterjet cutting technology enables the cutting of many materials into any shape or form. It greatly increases the speed and quality of material cutting in a safe and environmentally clean manner. We are a waterjet cutting facility with one of the largest cutting tables in Ontario and are also equipped with the newest and most advanced cutting technology. We are able to cut both large plates and keep tight tolerances.

Our waterjet machines cover a variety of sizes

Our machines can cut at 87,000psi and are able to cut virtually any material.

Why make HAI Precision Waterjets your choice?

  1. Cost effective small lot production in any type of material.
  2. Working within tolerances of .005". Eliminates costly secondary operations.
  3. Heat affected zones and material deformation are virtually eliminated.
  4. Repeatability of automated production equipment eliminates operator inconsistencies.
  5. Close nesting of parts reduces material costs.


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